WordGenerator v1.2

The program uses a sample text as input, counts the occurence of character sequences, and then generates words based on those statistics. For example: ‘n’ is more likely to be followed by ‘e’ than ‘q’. If the sample text is French, then the generated words will sound like French words. They will have a high likelyhood of beïng pronouncable, and will usually be easier to remember than completely random words. Sometimes the WordGenerator will even generate existing words. 

Download and install

WordGenerator is available as CGI-bin executable for Windows 95/98/NT, or as sources for Unix. It can only be installed and used on webservers, not as a standalone program.* Download for Windows 95/98/NT (158kb)
Download WordGenerator-1.2.tar.gz for Unix (116kb)

If your webserver is running on Windows 95/98/NT then simply copy the WordGenerator.exe program and the WordGenerator.cfg configuration file to your cgi-bin directory. Change the configuration file. If you are running Unix then run “make”. Copy the WordGenerator binary and the WordGenerator.cfg configuration file to your cgi-bin directory. Change the configuration file.


Name Generator

A different way of generating words is used by this Name Generator. It generates random names by selecting three random syllables from a list. For example: “Gal”, “a”, and “mond” are combined to form the name “Galamond”. The generated names are fairly good, and very useable for role-playing fantasy games and such.




Credits: The Name Generator is based on a program by Johan Danforth (The Cave). I have used his idea and rule-files, but rewrote the program. The Deverry-style names are inspired by the fantasy books written by Katherine Kerr. The Tolkien-style names are based on the names found in the books by Tolkien. The Warhammer Orc names are in the Blood Bowl style. The Felana rules (for felines and cats) came from Nathalie Hébert. The Babylon 5 Narn rules came from Kevin G. Nunn.



Another random-generator is this Password Generator. It will just flip a random number and generate passwords. The fourth character is always a number, all passwords are 7 characters long, and confusing characters like “1”, “l”, “i”, “0”, and “o” are not used.

Random Sentence Generator

Try this thorougly excellent Random Sentence Generator by * Don Cross. It generates a complete page of nonsensical text, based on grammar rules and existing words.

The Oracle Says

A twist on the Random Sentence Generator above is this specially adapted version by * It generates very lifelike sayings.

Shakespearian insult generator

Let yourself be insulted by this random insult generator. The principle behind the insults is very simple indeed, the generator simply picks three random words from three lists, and puts them together in a sentence. Still, the results are quite funny.

Other random things

* Random H.P. Lovecraft Story Generator
Based on the generator by Don Cross, but with different words.