Building a website

 *  Pitfalls
 *  Planning
 *  Building
 *  The grand opening
 *  Maintenance
 *  CSS Browser Compatibility



 *  HTML
 *  Standards
 *  Manuals
 *  Other


 *  Image archive
Archive of lot’s of buttons and backgrounds that you can use on webpages.
 *  Color picker
The fastest way to select colors on internet pages, with handy RGB and HSB colorbars.



 *  Fonts
A listing of all the standard fonts you can use.


Who are you?

 *  Your browser
This page will show which browser you are using, platform, screen size, colors, layers, and more.


Internet speed

 *  YourSpeed
Measure your true internet speed. How fast can you really surf?
 *  SiteSpeed
How fast is your website? This tool will automatically generate statistics about your homepage.
 *  Stopwatch
Measure the time it takes for you to download any page on the internet.
 *  Calculators
A collection of bandwidth calculaters. How much bandwidth do you need, or what can you do with what you’ve got?