My better half purchased me this game Millenium Falcon Kessel Run for Christmas. I immediately liked it being a passionate fan of Star Wars Kessel Run Game so I picked up a bunch of goodies. We live in the UK far from our loved ones in the United States and started gaming kessel run solo for a couple years ago as a hobby to socialize and pass the time with each other instead of enjoying TV. I’ve spent most of my time playing on online casino sites as a means to make some extra money. I’ve been using casino bonuses from sites such as to play games for free. The great thing is, after some practice, I got very good at ceratin slots games, and I started winning more often. It is mainly the 2 of us and we are always looking for 2 player games we both like. We tried dog fighting variation of Kessel Run Map initially and my better half right away disliked the game.

Kessel Run Preview


Unfortunately, out-of-date file requirements make playing the initial video game challenging, so I consisted of a recording below. If you want to make the effort to get up-and-running, though, use the link above. The captain of the Centuries Falcon pulled a fast one on that old hermit and farmboy. Turns out the Kessel Run is simply a video game and some person using the initials JBinks is closing in on Solo’s high rating. The image, created by artist Blakely737, is offered on different other products, and the shirt is offered in a wide array of colors.

Millennium Falcon – Kessel Run

The chances are still respectable he made the run without it. The Kessel Run was among the most trafficked smuggling paths in the galaxy according to additional Star Wars canon. He did it with some other ship if he didn’t do it with the Falcon. And a slower ship would just move his birth further into the past.

I honestly thought I would be grumbling and groaning my method through the game, as much of a Star Wars fan that I am, you can generally smell trick from a mile off.

The easy nature and graphics of the video game demanded some sweet retro video game packaging be developed (shown below). As a fun addition to the project requirements.

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