Jprops v1.3


Here is a snapshot of the output for the “navigator” property of Netscape v4.5. The two links in this example are disabled, normally you can click on them to descend into that property.


Property Type Value
navigator.appCodeName string Mozilla
navigator.appName string Netscape
navigator.appVersion string 4.5 [en] (WinNT; I)
navigator.language string en
navigator.mimeTypes object [object MimeTypeArray]
navigator.platform string Win32
navigator.plugins object [object PluginArray]
navigator.securityPolicy string Export policy
navigator.userAgent string Mozilla/4.5 [en] (WinNT; I)



The distribution contains just one file: “jprops.html”. This is all you need to install Jprops on your webserver – the program is written in javascript.

* Download (1.8Kb)
* Download jprops-1.3.tar.gz (1.8Kb)


  1. Unpack the distribution and upload the “jprops.html” file to your webserver.
  2. Add a link to “jprops.html” in the page(s) of which you want to view the javascript properties:
    <a href=”jprops.html”>[Show Properties]</a>
  3. Open your browser and click on the link you just created.


  • Jprops only works on Netscape/Explorer version 4 or above.
  • You can only view properties of pages on the same server as where “jprops.html” is installed. This is not a limitation of Jprops, but due to general internet security. A javascript in one window can only access the properties of another window if both windows came from the same server.
  • Some properties may not be visible or not browsable, due to limitations in your browser. For example: Microsoft Explorer does not allow you to look at the “navigator.plugins” property.
  • If you have found a particular property then do not assume it will be available in all browsers. Jprops shows the actual properties as available in your browser for a particular webpage.
  • The “navigator.plugins” property in Netscape will be empty initially. It will be filled by Netscape when plugins are loaded. You can force the loading of all plugins by looking at the “navigator.mimetypes” with Jprops.