Wav files are small samples. They tend to be rather big, but have a very good sound quality.

sound Columbia-Tristar
The Columbia-Tristar tune.
sound House
A small clip (40Kb) from some dance music I digitised from the radio. Endlessly repeating…
sound Okiedokie
Bart Simpson says “okie dokie”.
sound Baby
Baby crying.
sound Laughter
Crazy laughter by tweety’s cat. What’s his name again?
sound beep3
Road runner.
sound low_boat
The siren of a boat. This will wake anybody silly enough to visit your homepage.
sound Oh Yeah
I think this is from a song by Yellow…


Midi files are instructions for synthesizers. They tend to be very small, but not everybody has a synthesizer.




sound Mission impossible
Theme from the TV series. Excellent example of what you can do with midi. Thumbs up!
sound Chronolo
Modern synthesizer music, specially composed for the PC.
sound Housrokr
Another great bit of music specially composed for the PC.
sound Kevtech
Yet another great piece of synthesizer music.
sound Techrap
Excellent example of synthesizer music specially composed for the PC.
sound Dreswack
Nice and smooth piece of synthesizer music. Enlessly repeating…
sound Beetlejuce
Theme from the movie. Crazy and wacky, a perfect match…
sound Flintstones
Theme from the TV-series. If you can’t sing along then you’re dead or not a human. The sound is typical of most midi files, but still.
sound Take five
By the Dave Brubeck Five.
sound Happy birthday to you!
Another song that everybody knows.
sound The Nutcracker
Just a small piece of classical music, excellently suited for synthesizer. There are a lot of midi files available with classical music, since there are no copyrights.
sound Ragtime!
A nice piece on the piano.
sound It’s a sin
By The Pet Shop Boys.
sound Obladi-oblada
By the Beatles. Great to sing-along, or just whistle.
sound Relax
Very nice beat to this one!
sound Always


MOD files are a bit like MIDI files, but include sound samples. The music quality is therefore much better, and vocals are possible. If your computer cannot play these files then install Winamp.

Hitsquad 59Kb 04:28 Catchy little synthesizer number.
Cannon Fodder 249Kb 02:33 Pop, with vocals.
Countdown 88Kb 03:27 Synthesizer opera.
Dragnet 115Kb 05:00
The theme (compare with MIDI format: sound Dragnet)
Dungeon quest 206Kb 07:47 Spooky.
Sahara 91Kb 03:04 Slow but imaginative.
Space debris 347Kb 05:05 Space disco.
Country 90Kb 02:14 Fast-paced country fun on a banjo.
Hypnautic-II 56Kb 02:53 House.
Toccata 95Kb 05:34 Toccata (Bach) on synthesizer.