What is Form2Flash?

Form2Flash uses html-forms to change Flash movies. Let a user type his name and show that name in your Flash movie! Form2Flash was designed to be very easy to use, no complicated scripts or configuration stuff. Use any html-editor to create your forms, that’s it!

Form2Flash can change any text field in a Flash movie, the URL and target in actions, the label of a goto action, and the name of objects and frames. Strangely enough all this is not build into the Flash player, it seems a very logical thing to do. Maybe they want to sell their Flash Generator.

Form2Flash is free! You can download and use Form2Flash without having to pay anything. Even commercial websites can use Form2Flash free. It would be great if you would put a link to me or Form2Flash’s homepage somewhere on your website, in your credits perhaps, but it’s not a requirement.

Form2Flash is a cgi-bin application, to be installed on your webserver. It is compatible with all webservers and is very easy to use. The easiest way to use Form2Flash is as the “action” of a form. The fields in the form select the movie that Form2Flash will play. Other fields in the form can control and modify the behaviour of that movie.

Form2Flash plays standard Flash movies (.SWF files) and Macromedia Generator movies (.SWT). You can create Flash movies with the Flash editor. A free trial download of the Flash editor is available on the website of Macromedia. If you have the Macromedia Generator extensions for the Flash editor then Form2Flash can do even more tricks for you.


For Flash-4 developers

I have a special script for Flash4 developers available that can do about the same as Form2Flash, but without cgi-bin!

Binding Flash4 to forms


What Form2Flash is not

Form2Flash is not a drop-in replacement for Macromedia’s Generator. It works completely different, and is incompatible. It can perform some of the same tricks, though.

Form2Flash is not a browser plugin, or a Flash viewer, or an image generator. Users at home still need the Flash plugin to view your movies. Form2Flash will merely process the movies and changes them on-the-fly, when they are served to users.

Form2Flash is not a command-line tool. You can only use Form2Flash as a cgi-bin application running on a webserver.

©JK Form2Flash is not public domain. Form2Flash is copyrighted by me, Jeroen Kessels. You are free to use Form2Flash on your webserver, and Form2Flash can be distributed freely. But you cannot sell Form2Flash as if it was yours, or do other things with it that would infringe my copyright.


Feature summary

Form2Flash is free!
Change text and URL’s in standard Flash movies.
Very easy to use.
Available for Windows NT and Unix.
Compatible with all webservers (that support cgi-bin applications).
The C-sources of Form2Flash are available in the Unix distribution.
Very fast, even tiny webservers can use Form2Flash without a noticeable performance degradation.