Lowernames v1.1

A very small and almost trivial little utility. It will quite simply translate filenames to lowercase. Windows 95/NT is case insensitive, but Unix and Mac/OS are not. A lot of the servers I maintain are developed on Windows 95, and then moved for production to a Unix server. So I have to make sure all filenames ave the correct case. And the easiest way to do that is to translate them into all-lowercase…* Download lowernames.zip (30kb)

The program is a command-line utility, and will run in Windows 95/NT. Sources are included in the distribution.



lowernames [-h] [-r] [file[s]]

-h Show a short usage text.
-r Recurse into subdirectories. Process all the matching files in all the subdirectories.
files[s] One or more file specifiers. A file specifier has the following form: “[dir/][filename]”. Default “dir” is the current working directory. Default “filename” is “*” (all files in the directory). If the “filename” contains wildcards “*” or “?” then all matching files will be processed. Wildcards are not processed in “dir”.



Just copy the lowernames.exe program to a directory in your path. That’s all!