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For Windows servers



Free harddisk defragger and optimizer. Designed to run automatically every day in the background.


Maintain a copy of files on another server. Handy for load-sharing servers, or to have a secondary server standing by to take over in case of a crash.<dtJKprotect

Protect webpages by userid/password. This easy to configure ISAPI filter for IIS servers does not use Windows userids but .htaccess-compatible userid/password files.




PHP script for phpBB forums that generates an animated image from a security key, to distinguish between humans and robots.


FlashDB is a small database for Flash 4 written in Perl. Store settings on a server and retrieve them all with just a single Flash 4 action!<dtForm2Flash

Form2Flash can do some of the same tricks as Macromedia’s Generator: change Flash files dynamically on-the-fly. It opens up a whole new array of possible applications for Flash movies.<dtWhois Gateway

See if a domainname is free with this Whois gateway. You can also find information about existing domainnames, the provider that owns an IP-address, or even persons.<dtUpload

Upload is a cgi-bin program that can be used to upload one or more files to a WWW server, using standard HTML forms. It uses the http protocol, so there is no need for an FTP server.<dtForm2Mail

Email is the basic means of communications on the internet. This program will take input from a form on a webpage and send it by email to any email address you want. Includes support for MIME and X-html email’s.<dtWordGenerator

Random word generator. Handy if you need a new password, or when you need a new name for a company or product.<dtJumplist

Jumplist is a small cgi program that makes it very easy to create a pull-down list of pages to jump to. It could be used to create the menu of your site, or a list of interesting URL’s.



C/C++ GOLD engine

An engine for the GOLD utility that generates .h files for use in programs. Only interesting for programmers.


Htmlincl is a pre-processor that generates html files out of ‘macro’ files. The macrofiles contain special instructions for Htmlincl. There are instructions to include other files, if/then conditional html, and macro handling.<dtCopyNew

A program to quickly determine which files have changed. I use it to synchronize my PC with the webservers, and my PC at home and my PC at work.<dtImgindex

Imgindex will generate html index pages for your collection of images. It will scan the current directory and all it’s subdirectories for images, and generate index.m files. After that, all you have to do is run my htmlincl program, and presto, the index is ready. The index will be sorted by image size, and uses my imginfo program to get more information about an image.<dtansi2html

This program will translate the DOS characterset into html sequences. For example: the DOS characterset has character 130 (decimal) defined as ‘é’. You cannot use this character just like that in html, it will be shown as character ‘‚’. Instead, you should use the html sequence ‘&eacute;’.<dtLowernames

A very small and almost trivial utility. It will translate filenames into all-lowercase…<dtTxt2

Translate any input text into either DOS, UNIX, or MAC text. The program will filter errors that can occur when a text from one platform has been edited on another platform.




(Javascript Properties)

This program shows a tree of the Javascript properties of a webpage. Very handy if you are writing a javascript and need to know which properties are available and how they are called.


Show your name in chocolate. You will drool on your keyboard, that’s how great your name will look in chocolate. Build in cooperation with my brother, this little javascript was used on the site of ‘Sinterklaas’, a saint that comes to the Netherlands every year to give presents to children on his birthday. One of the presents he likes to give is chocolate letters, usually only the first of the child’s name…<dtSinterklaas Gedichten Generator (Dutch)

Handy little utility that generates a small poem from stock phrases. The program has been used on the official website of Sinterklaas, a saint that comes to the Netherlands every year to give presents to all children. Sinterklaas is not the same as Santa Claus, he is much older, lives in Spain, wears a totally different outfit, and gives his present on december 5th.

Java Games



A brainteaser. Deduce the hidden drawing from numeric hints. If you have a logical mind, and don’t give up too easy, you can solve this puzzle. There is only one right solution. (Java applet)


A brainteaser. Try to find the battleships that are hidden in the board. You can deduce their position from numeric hints. If you have a logical mind, and don’t give up too easy, you can solve this puzzle. (Java applet)