I can host your website on my privately-owned and administrated high-performance webservers. The servers are located in The Netherlands, for the best possible speed and performance to dutch visitors. I am not a reseller, the servers are owned by me and I have my own DNS servers.

You will get service from me personally, not some overworked and understaffed helpdesk. You can ask me anything, I like to help my clients in any way I can. Do you have special needs for your website? Please give me a call or send an email, and I will make you an offer that is tailored to your needs at a very competitive price.

€19.95 per month (excl. BTW)

  • Windows NT/2000
  • 500Mb diskspace
  • 2.5Gb traffic
  • 10 domainnames
  • 25 mailboxes
  • full cgi-bin
  • MySQL database
  • excellent performance
  • and more….



Your own domainname(s)
Get your own domainname in the .nl, .com, .org, or .net domains. For example: if your company is called “Basta” then your server will be visible as “” and you will get email addresses such as “”.

Top-domain Cost
.nl €15.88 per year and €11.34 to set-up
.com, .org, .net €15.00 per year, no set-up
.biz, .info €30.00 per 2 years, no set-up



The cost for domainnames come on top of the basic subscription fee. You may attach up to 10 domainnames to your virtual server (they will all point to the same homepage). All prices excl. BTW.
Excellent performance
 My servers are located in The Netherlands, in a location just a single “hop” away from the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the largest Internet Exchanges in Europe.
500Mb diskspace
Your subscription includes 500Mb diskspace. You probably won’t need that much, but it’s there if you need it. An average web-page + graphics is about 50 Kb, so your website can grow to some 10.000 www-pages at no extra cost.
2.5Gb traffic
When somebody visits your website and is looking at your pages, he is transferring data. This is called ‘traffic’. Pages on the internet are quite small, on average only 50Kbytes, and caching reduces the average download per page even further. Your subscription can therefore handle something like 50.000 pageviews per month! Compare that to the cost of printing and handing out flyers….
25 mailboxes
You will get all the POP/IMAP mailboxes or aliases you need, on your own domainname. You can read your email with any email program (POP or IMAP compatible), from any location in the world.
Full cgi-bin: ASP, PHP, Perl, C, and more
You can run any cgi-script you want. More scripting languages are available on request.
Free database
Create as many tables as you like in the MySQL database. You can also use an ODBC database, for example an Access database. Please inquire for other/more databases.
Your own IP-address
Some providers use a system where many servers use one and the same IP-address. This is a problem for visitors that have an old browser. The only right way is to use a unique IP-address for every webserver. Which is what you’ll get from me.
Secure webservers
All webservers are secure webservers (SSL), especially useful for secure credit-card transactions. To enable SSL you will need a certificate from Verisign or Thawte.
Anonymous FTP
If you need it then I can start an anonymous website for you, free of charge, on your own domainname.
Full logfiles
The complete logfiles of your website are available to you for analysis by statistics programs such as Summary, Wusage, FastStats, Funnel Web, WebTrends, or any other log-analysis program. These programs will generate graphs vastly superior to simple visitor counters such as Nedstat.
Create powerful and automatic mailinglists on your domainname. With automatic subscription and description, autoresponders, and a lot, lot more.
Contract period 1 month
If you are unhappy for any reason then you can resign your webserver with 1 month notification. I will give you all the assistance you need to move your webserver to another provider.


  • I have a number of turnkey scripts available that you can download from my homepage. Installing them is easy, if you have a problem I’ll gladly help.
  • The uptime of my servers in the past has been 99.72%.
  • My own websites (I have several) run on the same servers. You will profit directly from all my efforts to keep the servers up and running and as fast as possible.
  • Please do not use the servers for experimentating. Build and debug your website elsewhere, on your workstation at home, for example. If your cgi-bin programs cause a system crash I may decide to lock your website until you have solved the bug.
  • To keep cost down I do not backup the servers. You will probably have a complete copy of your website anyway on the computer where you developed it.
  • This offer is available only to people and companies in The Netherlands. You will receive a monthly bill, which must be payed in Euro’s directly into my bank account. No credit cards, sorry.