* Numion
This website contains several tools to measure the speed of the internet from the perspective of the enduser. The two most important tools are YourSpeed and SiteSpeed. Users can measure their surfing speed quickly and accurately with YourSpeed, without the need for downloads or plugins. SiteSpeed is for measuring homepages, all it takes is a simple little javascript to get lot’s of interesting statistics. The website is a huge success, more than 15 million hits per month (december 2002).
* iMediaSearch
An internet searchengine dedicated to finding news. People can subscribe and will receive a daily list of articles found on the internet that contain the words they’re interested in. Very useful for big corporations to keep a check on what the media write about them. The searchengine and internet spider were developed from scratch and contain a lot of special functions not found in any other searchengine anywhere on the internet, although this may not be obvious when you look at this website.
* Eynstein
Computer internet shop with all the trimmings, such as a searchengine, FAQ system, and extensive administrator functions for easy order handling & shipping. The system uses pre-compiled static pages that are generated from a SQL database, so the website is very fast and can be indexed by searchengines. The entire website was build by me (not some kind of shop-in-a-box).
* Brand Dating
Dating with a twist. People can place personals, but must describe themselves by using brandnames only. The website uses a SQL database, and has features such as searching and matching, sending anonymous email, smut filter, personal homepages, and extensive statistics (for the owner of the website).
* FlashDB
People can download a lot of scripts from my homepage, all written by me, available free and without cost. Most programs will run on both Unix and NT servers. FlashDB is the most popular by far, a small database for Flash movies.