Cat Sounds


Starring “Nimbus” (49k)
Starring “Nini” (61k)
Starring “Rainbow” (44k)
Starring “Rudy” (49k)
cat1.wav (133k)
cat2.wav (77k)
cat3.wav (166k)
cat4.wav (59k)
cat5.wav (13k) (25k)
cat7.wav (24k)
cat8.wav (295k)
cat9.wav (31k)
cat10.wav (12k)
cat11.wav (17k)
cat12.wav (36k)
cat13.wav (13k)
cat14.wav (21k)
cats1.wav (17k)
cats2.wav (92k)


This gets them every time…

kitten1.wav (36k)
kitten2.wav (44k)
kitten3.wav (25k)
kitten4.wav (67k)
kittens1.wav (303k)
Distressed Kitten (61k)


Starring “Tinky” (44k)
purr1.wav (30k)
purr2.wav (57k)
purr3.wav (100k)
purr4.wav (104k)
purr5.wav (68k)


angry1.wav (67k)
angry2.wav (16k)
angry3.wav (15k)
angry4.wav (16k)
angry5.wav (27k)
angry6.wav (13k)
cat and dog (88k)


lion1.wav (29k)
lion2.wav (170k)
lion3.wav (54k)
lion4.wav (55k)


I thought I saw a pussycat — Tweety (20k)
I did! I did saw a pussycat — Tweety (60k)
Oh oh, here comes that pussycat again — Tweety (36k)
Help, help! The bad old pussycat is after me — Tweety (71k)
Bad old pussycat — Tweety (36k)
Suffering Saccatash — Sylvester (23k)
And STAY out! — Sylvester (73k)


cat licking the microphone (46k)
The Siamese cat song — from Lady and the tramp (243k)
We wish you a Merry Christmas (239k)
le mew… le meow (24k)
Can you spell “cat” (88k)
Shut the fuck up will ya (35k)
Furball (short version) (14k)
Furball (long version) (111k)
What’s new pussy cat — Tom Jones (90k)Music:
Alley Cat (midi music) (8k)
What’s new pussy cat — Tom Jones (midi music) (20k)